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Introducing the Silk Solid 4K, the ultimate fishing lures for all your freshwater adventures. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this lure is a game-changer in the fishing world.

The Silk Solid 4K, is the ultimate fishing lure for anglers who demand durability and performance. With its solid body and advanced 4K construction, this lure is built to withstand tough fishing conditions and the toughest fish. The Silk Solid 4K is designed to give you a lighter reeling feel compared to traditional lures, making it easy to use for extended periods. Its wire-through structure ensures even more ruggedness and durability, allowing you to fish confidently. Whether a beginner or a seasoned angler, the Silk Solid 4K is the perfect addition to your fishing gear. Its unique features include:

  1. Stough Structure: a lightweight, durable fishing lure with a solid body, wire-through structure, and advanced 4K construction for effortless, comfortable fishing.
  2. Tight Pulsating Action: The lure creates a tight pulsating action that mimics the movements of live bait. It responds well to jerking rod movements, making it an irresistible target for fish.
  3. Versatile Usage: This lure is suitable for use in rivers, lakes, and even on the ice. It is perfect for catching a variety of freshwater fish.
  4. Long-Distance Casting: The Silk Solid 4K is designed for long-distance casting, allowing you to cover more water and increase your chances of catching fish.

In summary, the Silk Z Blade VLF (Vibration Fishing Lure) is a must-have for any serious angler looking to improve their catch rate. With its unique features and advanced design, it is sure to become your go-to fishing lure.


Brand: Silk Cart

Name: Solid 4K



Eyes:3D-Nature Eyes

Color:8 Different Colors

Hooks: Qualitied Silk Hooks

Package: Nice Retail Box

Action: Sinking

Peculiarity: Longcast

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