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Introducing the JOKERO 35Z – the ultimate lipless crankbait for catching more fish! Its unique design features a stainless steel metal weight on the outside lip that allows for a rattling vibration, making it irresistible to fish. With the best balance possible, the JOKERO 35Z can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speeds, even in tough conditions. Plus, its long-distance casting ability lets you cover more water and increase your chances of catching a big one. The JOKERO 35Z is equipped with a specially designed weighted system that allows the lure to stand straight up when it hits the bottom, reducing snagging and increasing the space inside the bait. Upgrade your fishing game with the JOKERO 35Z!



  1. With a stainless steel weight on its outside lip, the JOKERO 35Z provides ample space for the lure to make a rattling vibration, ensuring maximum fish attraction.
  2. Designed with optimal balance, the JOKERO 35Z is capable of swimming at extremely slow retrieval speeds, perfect for tough conditions.
  3. The JOKERO 35Z boasts long-distance casting ability, allowing you to cover more water and catch more fish.
  4. JOKERO 35Z’s specially designed weighted system enables the lure to stand straight up when it hits the bottom, creating less snagging than traditional types of lipless crankbaits, and providing a more efficient and enjoyable fishing experience.


Brand: Silk Cart

Name: JOKERO 35Z

Weight: 17.2G

Length: 70MM

Eyes: 3D-Nature Eyes

Color: 6 Different Colors (Including UV Color)

Hooks: High-Quality MUSTAD Hooks

Package: Retail Box Included

Action: Sinking

Special Feature: Stainless Steel Weight on the Outside for Rattling Vibration and Standing Straight Up on the Bottom.

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